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The coins that you will find below are ideally suited to invest in silver. The coins enjoy international recognition, and the silver content is guaranteed by various international governments. As a result, the coins all over the world tradable.

Investment Coins

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  1. Order today Dutch junk silver 2 kilo netto
  2. The Canadian Maple Leaf silver coin is one of the most recognizable silver coins in the world.
  3. Order today this Dutch Junk Silver coins
  4. Extra scherp geprijsd. Zuiverheid 99.9%! Bestel direct in onze webshop!
  5. NIEUW: uitgave van de Rand Refinery uit Zuid-Afrika. Zuiverheid 99.99%! Bestel direct!
  6. Buy the silver Vienna Philharmonic investment coin. Buy today!
  7. The American Silver Eagle is the best seller among the 1 troy ounce investment coins. order today in our secured webshop!
  8. Here you can buy the Maple Leaf silver monsterbox. A monster or investment box is ideal to invest in silver.
  9. Order the monsterbox Philharmoniker Silver, 500 coins in an investmentbox online at Zilvergoudwinkel. At our website you can buy silver and gold bullion.
  10. Buy the American Silver Eagle monsterbox online at Zilvergoudwinkel.
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Items 1 to 10 of 15 total

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